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As part of our continuous improvement to our product and services, we have moved our Purchase, Account, and Download Member services to our parent company WebSpark. Simply navigate to click the button in the upper left corner, enter your username and password, then click login.

FAQs / Q&A

Question: In the new support system, how will I submit a ticket for CRMery?
Answer: Support tickets may either be emailed directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  OR they may be entered on our new support website Please note, when submitting a support ticket we recommend using the email address that is associated with your CRMery account, so that we may verify whether or not you have an active subscription.

Question: With the new changes, where will I be able to purchase, renew, or download CRMery?
Answer: Please use our parent company's website Alternatively, you may navigate to OR and click the "Purchase" button which will redirect you to the WebSpark purchase page. Renewal may be done via the My Account page and Downloads are available via the Downloads page on WebSpark. The My Account and Downloads links will appear after logging in and after clicking the button in the upper left corner.

Question: How will I login to
Answer: Simply navigate to Webspark, click the button in the upper left corner, enter your username and password. Then, click the login button. Easy!

Question: What happens if I am having trouble or not able to login to
Answer: If you forgot your username, please click the link below, enter the email address that is registered to your account, then click the submit button. if you forgot or need to reset your password, just click the password reset link below, then enter your email address, and click the submit button. Then, check your email / inbox for the automated reply. Note: Password resets require a verification code (from the email) plus the username to reset.

Username Reminder:

Password Reset:

Please note, that a select few accounts, who had both JForce and CRMery accounts registered to the same email address but different or similar account names had both of their accounts merged into one on We will contact each of the accounts that were affected individually. If necessary these accounts may use the password reset method as mentioned above if they have trouble logging in.

Question: I am still having trouble logging in, accessing my account, downloads, etc. what can I do?
Answer: We are sorry that you are having trouble with your account. Please email or contact our support team immediately. The links for our support system are above. Also, please include any relevant account information such as your email address that is registered to your account etc.

Question: What will happen to the website
Answer: Our CRM website will still be used! It will be available for the purposes of viewing our product's features, documentation, faqs, etc. We are merely moving the member's features to a better more centralized location.

In today's fast pace world, change is not only inevitable but occurs at a faster pace than ever before. This especially holds true and applies to your CRM data. Whether people are retiring or changing jobs and whether companies are closing, changing ownership, merging with another company or moving to a new area etc, it's important to keep your CRM data up to date.

binary errorIn fact, it is estimated that at least 10% to 20% of data becomes inaccurate or outdated each year with some estimates to be as high as 40%. As such, one can conclude that the longer one waits to update their CRM data the higher the percentage of inaccurate data there will be as well as a higher loss of potential revenue. So how can one maintain the accuracy of their CRM data? 


Implement Training & Policy

Ideally, one would have a dedicated employee or team of employees to maintain the accuracy of their CRM data. However, this is not always possible nor financially feasible. Instead make use of your existing resources, such as existing sales representatives and divide the work responsibilities as appropriate. In addition, it's important to train your sales representatives not only how to create new data, but how to search for, modify, and edit existing data records. Furthermore establish policies and rules in regards to when it is recommended to create a new record versus editing or deleting an existing record in order to help prevent unintended data loss, duplicate, or inaccurate data. It's also important to train your sales representatives to update CRM data on the fly. For example, if a sales representative is on the phone with a company and learns that the company is about to move to a new location it is recommended to have the sales representative gather the updated information over the phone and update the CRM records immediately.

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I was recently flipping through the television channels and happened to land on the Discovery channel show about Nik Wallenda and his seemingly impossible high wire trip across the Grand Canyon . I was on the edge of my seat watching the "King of the High Wire" as he balanced precariously on a swaying, sagging wire across the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon. It was incredible to watch. I thought to myself I would never do be able to do that. The skill necessary and the years of experience to balance so perfectly on so thin an edge clearly is a talent I will never possess. I realized however as I watched him that I could make a comparison to something that I deal with on a very regular basis.

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There's a popular Youtube channel which has grown increasingly popular as it seeks to answer a simple question: Will it blend? On this show you'll find the hosts throwing anything and everything you can imagine into a large blender and turning it on. I have watched in both curiosity and dismay as I've watched brand-new iPads, cell phones, and all types of electronic gadgets into the steel blades of destruction. Almost without exception the item in question is completely destroyed and turned into a pile of dust.

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Your website generates traffic. At least you hope it does. You have new visitors coming to your website on a daily basis and they are all there for a specific purpose. But it's not all the same reason. Some have performed a google search as they look for a product or service. Others have heard of your company name from a friend. Regardless, you now have people visiting your website looking for something in particular. What happens next is critical. If you want to make sure you lose a sale and a potential client then just do the following three steps.

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