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If you’re wondering how to get started with a CRM then this article should be just what you need to show you the importance of having a customer relationship management system and how to begin using one.

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There’s a few things in life we don’t mind paying a monthly fee to consume. We’ll be the first to admit we can’t live without our House of Cards binge-watching Nextflix marathons. But when it comes to a software tool for business we think a monthly payment is just plain wrong. The concept of a monthly fee for a service which is constantly offering completely new material is one thing. However the thought of paying not for new consumables but for access doesn’t make sense. It gets worse.

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One of the biggest concerns for most small to mid-sized businesses is the best use of time. It can be a bit mind-numbing how quickly time goes and how many things must be done in a single day. I know how often I’ve reached the end of a day and been wondering how many things I’ve forgotten to do and with whom I’ve forgotten to speak (or email).

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In today's fast pace world, change is not only inevitable but occurs at a faster pace than ever before. This especially holds true and applies to your CRM data. Whether people are retiring or changing jobs and whether companies are closing, changing ownership, merging with another company or moving to a new area etc, it's important to keep your CRM data up to date.

binary errorIn fact, it is estimated that at least 10% to 20% of data becomes inaccurate or outdated each year with some estimates to be as high as 40%. As such, one can conclude that the longer one waits to update their CRM data the higher the percentage of inaccurate data there will be as well as a higher loss of potential revenue. So how can one maintain the accuracy of their CRM data? 


Implement Training & Policy

Ideally, one would have a dedicated employee or team of employees to maintain the accuracy of their CRM data. However, this is not always possible nor financially feasible. Instead make use of your existing resources, such as existing sales representatives and divide the work responsibilities as appropriate. In addition, it's important to train your sales representatives not only how to create new data, but how to search for, modify, and edit existing data records. Furthermore establish policies and rules in regards to when it is recommended to create a new record versus editing or deleting an existing record in order to help prevent unintended data loss, duplicate, or inaccurate data. It's also important to train your sales representatives to update CRM data on the fly. For example, if a sales representative is on the phone with a company and learns that the company is about to move to a new location it is recommended to have the sales representative gather the updated information over the phone and update the CRM records immediately.

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I was recently flipping through the television channels and happened to land on the Discovery channel show about Nik Wallenda and his seemingly impossible high wire trip across the Grand Canyon . I was on the edge of my seat watching the "King of the High Wire" as he balanced precariously on a swaying, sagging wire across the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon. It was incredible to watch. I thought to myself I would never do be able to do that. The skill necessary and the years of experience to balance so perfectly on so thin an edge clearly is a talent I will never possess. I realized however as I watched him that I could make a comparison to something that I deal with on a very regular basis.

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