Support FAQs

When I purchase CRMery, what is included with my purchase?

When you purchase CRMery, it will include 12 months of access to download CRMery and includes all CRMery updates released within those 12 months at It also includes 12 months of support. After 12 months, the subscription will expire. After the subscription has expired, you will lose access to the Extension Depot download area and you will also lose access to support (with the exception of account / subscription type questions).

If you choose to renew your subscription for a second year, you may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain your discount renewal code. The renewal code will save you $200 off of your $499 CRMery purchase such that the final renewal cost would be $299. If renewed, you will gain another 12 months of access to the members download area as well as an additional 12 months of support.

Alternatively, we also have a Lifetime subscription available for $999 which includes lifetime access to the download area as well as lifetime support.


When I purchase CRMery, what type of support is provided?

1) Support is limited to ticket support only. You may either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR enter the tickets on the support website at Only one method is needed to contact support as the tickets will be created in the same location.

2) The types of support tickets you may create include:

Account / Subscription Questions - these are questions about your Extension Depot account or subscription

Bug Report - if you find a bug or problem with CRMery, you may submit it to us. If we can confirm the bug, it will be reported to our internal development tracker. The bug will be fixed in a future release. We are not able to provide immediate fixes for bugs. However, our average turnaround time for bug fixes is 1-2 releases. Note: If we cannot recreate the reported bug, we may ask you for additional information. If we are still not able to re-create the bug, we may ask for temporary login to CRMery such that we can view the problem on your website. Login is optional and not required but helpful if you wish to provide it. Alternatively, we also accept screenshots and or videos of the problem as well. Note: When reporting a bug, please be sure to describe the problem in detail as well such as where the problem is occurring and how to recreate it.

Customization Quote - Another type of commonly received support ticket is a customization request or request for coding customization. However, please note we do not provide coding customization for CRMery, nor are we able to provide support help for customization. In other words, customization is NOT included with the support costs. That said, if you wish to customize CRMery, we recommend contacting and hiring a qualified third party developer to make the customization as our code is open, well organized, and able to be customized. Also, please note we do not have a list of nor are we able to recommend specific third party developers. That said, whichever third party developer you choose to customize CRMery will be up to you to find and hire at the expense of your own time and cost.

Feature Request - these are suggestions or ideas from our subscribers as far as the type of features that they would like to see in a future version of CRMery. When these suggestions are received, they are added to our internal development tracker as either a feature or improvement request. Eventually, the feature and improvement requests will also appear on our community feature and improvement list webpage ( which is subscriber access only).

Feedback - this is to share any feedback that you may have about CRMery.

General Questions - are general questions about CRMery that you would like to have answered

Other - these are for questions that do not fall into any particular category

Setup Help - these are for questions about CRMery such as: how to download CRMery, how to install CRMery, etc. The answers to these questions are usually found in our documentation at However, if one is not sure where to locate the answer at OR if the documentation does not have the answer we will be glad to help answer your question. Depending on the type of question, we may also update the documentation in order to avoid future confusion.

3) Please note, we do not provide server nor web hosting support nor email hosting support. If you require this, you will need to contact your server administrator or hosting provider instead.

4) We can only offer support for our CRMery-branded plugins.

5) Unless otherwise stated, we do not provide support for third party templates, nor third party plugins nor third party modules other than the Joomla defaults.

For templates we recommend using a default Joomla template. To accomplish this, simply log into the Joomla Back-end / Admin ... navigate to Menus ... locate the CRMery menu item ... Edit the CRMery Menu item and change the Template Style to a Joomla default template (example: Protostar if you are using Joomla 3.X OR Atomic if using Joomla 2.5.X ) If you do not see Protostar or Atomic listed (depending on which version of Joomla), navigate to Extensions ... Extension Manager ... Manage. Search for Protostar or Atomic to see if it's published. If it's not published, simply publish the template. If it's not listed it may not be installed or other issue.

For other known third party issues, here are the ones that are known to cause problems: JSN, Rokbox (plugins are known to cause black / grey screens), K2 plugins, Artio Joomla SEF plugin, SH404SEF, SCLogin (also reported to cause a black / gray screen), virtuemart (reported to cause saving issues), Membership Pro plugin, Rocket Theme, Yootheme, Gantry If you have any of the above installed on your website, we recommend either disabling them or to install CRMery on its own sub domain / sub website such that it is free from interference.


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