When a CRMery update is available, you are notified via the Joomla Administrator ... Components ... CRMery ... Dashboard (assuming you have cURL installed). A green box means your copy of CRMery is up to date. A red box with an X mark means that your copy of CRMery is out of date. In addition, the "Version Status" message will tell you whether or not your version of CRMery is up to date. When you click the "Click here to update" link it will take you to the Extension Depot website where you can download the latest version of CRMery (as long as your subscription is still active). Alternatively, you may also read the Latest News / update / changelogs of previous and current versions of CRMery.

Note: From time to time, a newer development version of CRMery may be released. In these cases, beyond the initial release notification you will not see any additional notifications. Therefore, if you would like to check whether there is a new release, you may either check the "Latest News" section and look at the date for the last time that the changelog was updated OR alternatively another option is to login to the Extension Depot website and manually check to see if a new updated development release is available to download.

Also, please note that whether performing Joomla or CRMery updates, please be sure to always check the FAQ system requirements section to verify that CRMery is still compatible before updating.

That said, to update CRMery, please open a web browser and navigate to http://extensiondepot.com/  then click the "Sign In" (menu link) in the upper right corner, type your username and password. Then, click the login button. Finally, navigate / click on the Purchase History page link. Then click the "View Details and Downloads" to access the "Purchase Confirmation" page which includes all CRMery download links.

For a step by step download and installation guide, please view the first few pages of the "Download, Installation & Setup Guide" as updating CRMery is the exact same process that you went through during the initial download and installation of CRMery.

Note: It is NOT necessary to uninstall CRMery before updating to a new version.

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