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If you’re wondering how to get started with a CRM then this article should be just what you need to show you the importance of having a customer relationship management system and how to begin using one.

We’re going to break this article into three very basic points. Learn these and you’ll be well on your way towards changing how your business runs. Yes, implementing a CRM can drastically change your entire business outlook and improve everything about your new sales process. This leads us directly into the first point.


The first part of a successful CRM implementation and the greatest challenge you will face as you implement a system for customer relationship management in your business will be consistency and use.

When you begin looking and evaluating various tools everything will be new and exciting. You will be eager to see what’s available and you’ll admire all the shiny new “toys” you can use. But as with everything else this “newness” wears off. Soon it becomes just another task to complete. This is where opportunity enters.

Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up, press on. Use a CRM always. Don’t let a lead or contact go by without entering their details. CRMery makes this easy with lead capture forms. Leads will enter their own information into your database for you via your website contact for. Persevere and stick to your decision to use a CRM and use it always.


Beyond just the consistent use of your CRM you need to believe in the tool. This is especially critical once the new factor has faded and the tool becomes more of a habit. You need to encourage yourself and your staff to believe in the value of the CRM. Don’t doubt it’s effectiveness and thus allow yourself an excuse to quit and give up.

A good CRM helps organize a business and tracks information. A great CRM does even more by helping show you exactly why you should continue to believe in its use. CRMery gives you reports and quick graphs to see exactly how your business is doing, how your leads or contacts have converted and the deals which have been generated. These reports help you continue to believe.

Sometimes it can be hard to believe in something without more information or facts on which to base that belief. CRMery gives you that extra information. Your CRM will be successful and your business will profit from its use if you believe in its power.


One of the smartest things you can do when using a CRM is keeping it clean. Update leads and contacts. Organize them. Be sure you mark their status and keep them current. This becomes easier when you believe in your CRM and you are using it always. Keeping your CRM clean means the information is always relevant and what you need to make your business successful.

CRMery encourages you to keep your system clean by providing customizations to lead and contact statuses so you can easily update them to statuses which match your business workflow. Secondly, CRMery provides AJAX updating of records directly from the list view. You can update an entire list of contacts in a matter of seconds. There is no excuse to not keep it organized.

When your CRM is organized and built on a modern platform that encourages cleanness you’ll find what you need faster and you’ll appreciate your CRM more. Finding what you need quickly may mean the difference between sending the right email to the right client at the right time or ending up in someone’s spam folder. Keep your CRM clean.

Easy Learning

These simple ABC’s of your CRM will help your experience be a profitable one and improve your business. Your customer relationship management software is an investment in your business. If you are struggling with the idea of using a CRM these three points will get you started in the right direction. If you’re still not sold on why you need a CRM, check out these 10 reasons. Have questions? As always feel free to contact us!

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