AcyMailing FAQs

About AcyMailing and CRMery

Note: We do not have specific AcyMailing documentation as it is a third party product and is owned and developed by another company (which maintains their own documentation ) .

However, as mentioned on our features page, "CRMery integrates the popular AcyMailing newsletter extension to allow you to quickly subscribe your leads & contacts to lists, see what newsletters they've opened and track the links clicked.

Note: To use Acymailing, you must first download it from the Acymailing website. Then, install Acymailing via your Joomla Administration ... Extensions ... Extension Manager.

After Acymailing has been installed, navigate to your Joomla Admin ... Components ... CRMery ... Settings ... Acymailing (tab) and check the checkboxes for "Enable acymailing for people, contacts, and leads" AND OR "Enable acymailing for companies" depending on which settings you need enabled. 

After, Acymailing has been installed and enabled, login to the front-end of your website and navigate to an existing person or company page. Depending on whether you enabled acymailing for a person or company or both will determine whether the Acymailing module is displayed on the left side of the page.

To use Acymailing:

1) an email address must already be saved / associated to the person or company whom you wish to add to a mailing list. If no email address is currently assigned, a notification will display that you must fill in the email first to manage the mailing lists

2) After an email address has been assigned, the notification will be removed and you will now be able to manage the mailing list

3) To manage the mailing list, simply click the "manage mailing list" button. After it has been clicked, a "Manage Mailing List" box will appear. To add the person or company to the mailing list, simply click the Add button. Alternatively, to remove a person from the mailing list click the remove button.

4) For reference on how to create and send a newsletter, please refer to the Acymailing documentation at

5) After following steps 1-4 and after a newsletter has been created and sent, you will see the newsletter appear on the person or company page to whom you sent the newsletter. It will display the newsletter subject, send date, and whether the newsletter has been opened.


How do I Subscribe CRMery Leads / Contacts / People to AcyMailing Lists?

There are a few ways to accomplish this. you may always subscribe each person or company manually (as described above). However, there is also a quick way to subsribe all at once. For more ways, please navigate to the AcyMailing documentation website. One way to subscribe all is to first create or import all of your "people" from CRMery for purpose of assigning to a newsletter:

1) Then, log into the Administrative back-end of your site
2) Navigate to Components ... AcyMailing
3) Click the "Users" button
4) Click Import
5) There are several tabs and ways to import. However the easiest and quickest for purpose of this guide was to use the database option.

6) Open a new browser tab, and log into your website's database with a database management tool known as phpmyadmin. Then click on your website's database, and in the search box type "_crmery_people". There are some random letters and characters that appear in front of _crmery_people. For example, "s25fu_crmery_people". Copy the name of your people table example: s25fu_crmery_people

7) Navigate back to your acymailing web browser tab and paste the "Table Name" example: s25fu_crmery_people
8) For the acymailing ... database "email" field I typed email
9) The name field is optional.

Note: As mentioned on the AcyMailing site documentation at

Table Name : You should specify in this field the name of the table you want to import

email : This fields is a required field for the import process, you should specify the name of the column which contains e-mail addresses in your other table.

name : If the other table contains the name of the user, you may import it as well. This field is not mandatory.

10) Note: during import there may be an option to auto subscribe all users to a particular mailing list. If not, see step 11-12. Once finished, click the Import button if you have not already.

11) If the subscription did not apply during import, navigate to Components ... Acymailing ... Lists ... Filters ... Actions ... set Select an Action to "AcyMailing list" and Subscribe users to "Newsletters" or whatever the name that you specified for your newsletter

12) Click the Process Button. If successful it will say something similar to X users have been subscribed to the new list "Newsletters"



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