Plugin FAQs

What is the CRMery Auto User Creation plugin and should I enable it ?

If the CRMery Auto User Creation plugin is enabled, anytime that you add or import a Person record on the CRMery (front-end) it will automatically create and add the person as a Joomla user. Depending on your website's settings, Joomla may also try to send out user registration emails as well. Most people choose to leave this plugin disabled as they do not want to give login / website access to every Person that is added within CRMery.

In addition, if this plugin is enabled and if a CRMery user does not know its purpose it could be potentially embarrassing to the user if one imported thousands of records and thousands of emails were sent out to all the people that had an email address associated to their person record. That said, in most cases it is recommended to keep this plugin disabled. The only way this plugin can become enabled is if someone manually enables it under the Joomla Admin ... Extensions ... Plugin Manager.


What is the CRMery Form Plugin ?

The CRMery Form Plugin is a plugin for the CRMery component. CRMery must be installed for this plugin to function.

This plugin will replace the shortcode [crmeryformXX] with the appropriate CRMery Form Wizard HTML.

Place the shortcode text generated by the CRMery Form Wizard anywhere within your website and this plugin will automatically find and replace it. you may add the shortcode to a module, content item, article, or any other location within Joomla!


What is the CRMery Lead Notify Plugin ?

The CRMery Lead Notifier is a plugin that works with the CRMery extension. This plugin will send an email to the person assigned to a particular lead form. This plugin requires CRMery to be installed.

How it Works
The CRM lead notifier will trigger whenever a new lead form (created with the Form Wizard) is submitted. When the plugin is triggered it will send an email notification to the user who has been defined as the owner of that particular lead form.

How to Setup
The CRMery Lead Notifier is extremely easy to configure. Simply enable the plugin and enter an email subject and any additional information you want added to the body of the email.


What is the CRMery Lists Module and how do I install and enable it ?

The CRMery Lists Module is an optional module that (if used) has to be installed separately. In fact, it is the only item that must be installed separately as the main component and plugins are installed automatically when installing the main file Its purpose is to displays a list of "Upcoming Tasks" for your CRMery user , OR "Total Deal Value" OR "Best Closing Rate" in a custom location / position on your website. In some cases, the information provided by this module is duplicate information as you may view or generate said information elsewhere within the main CRMery component such as viewing a list of upcoming tasks on your CRMery dashboard.

This module is included within the main CRMery download. For example, in CRMery 2.0.8 it is included within the file

For directions on how to install this module, please read below:

1) Click to open the .zip file

2) Inside the .zip file you will see a folder named similar to "pkg_crmery_vX.X.X" click this folder name to go into / open the folder. Note: the file name version number X.X.X will vary depending on the CRMery version that you have downloaded

3) Inside the pkg_crmery_vX.X.X folder you will see another folder named packages. Click the packages folder name to go into / open the folder.

4) Inside the packages folder, you will see a file named ""

5) Drag and drop the file "" to your desktop

6) Open a web browser and navigate to your Joomla website which has CRMery installed

7) Login to the Joomla Administration

8) Within the Joomla Administration ... navigate to Extensions ... Extension Manager

9) For Extension Package file (section) ... click the "choose file" button.

10) Select the file that you extracted to your desktop in step 5.

11) Click the "Upload and Install" button

12) After the installation has finished, navigate to Extensions ... Module Manager. You will see a new module that has been installed name "CRMery Lists Module".

13) If you wish to use the "CRMery Lists Module", click the name of the module to edit it.

14) Configure the module to be published. For listing type, select the type of listing you wish to have such as "Upcoming Tasks" , "Total Deal Value" , or "Best Closing Rate". Note: You may only choose one type of listing at a time. Then choose the position of the module as in where you would like to have the module appear within your website's template. Then click the "Save and Close" button for the changes to apply.


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