Reports FAQs

What is the sales pipeline?

The sales pipeline might be the single most powerful report available. From this report you may monitor your entire sales process, all deals, people, leads and more. This report contains a lot of information and can feel overwhelming. Use the handy column filters to narrow your list of results to the areas that you are interested in.


How do I know my best sources?

Quickly find your best sources of deals by using your reports menu item. 

Next select the ROI Report

It's that easy, you may now view your most profitable deal sources by sorting your list. 


How do I sort Custom Reports?

Custom reports can be sorted exactly like any other report. Simply click on the column heading of the row that you want to sort by and your data will be AJAX sorted either ascending or descending accordingly.

A few of the field types are not capable of being sorted due to database or other constraints, however all reports are exportable to CSV. If you need to sort a report by a column that we don't enable simply export your report as a CSV and use Excel or a similar spreadsheet program to sort your data by any column.


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