Uninstall FAQ

If I uninstall CRMery via the Joomla Extension Manager, will it automatically delete my avatars and documents that I uploaded to CRMery?

During the uninstall process, CRMery will remove all of its created folders and files (including any documents, avatars, etc. that are saved within said CRMery folders / directories). That said, if you do not wish to lose your avatars, documents, etc. then please back these up prior to uninstalling CRMery. You may manually log into your website via FTP and backup / download / save a copy of all of your CRMery avatar and document files. Note: avatars are saved within /components/com_crmery/media/avatars and Documents are saved within /components/com_crmery/documents


During the Joomla Extension Manager uninstall process, will the CRMery database tables be deleted

During the uninstall process, CRMery will not delete nor remove any of the CRMery database tables That said, if you wish to permanently delete the CRMery database tables, you must do so manually by logging into your database with a database management tool similar to phpmyadmin and manually dropping / deleting / removing each of the _crmery database tables.

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