Troubleshooting FAQ

If having issues with the CRMery front-end such as data not loading, blank pages, error messages, data not saving etc. on the front-end then here are a list of troubleshooting steps that are known to resolve common issues with CRMery:

1) Please start by making sure that your website meets the minimum requirements for the latest version of CRMery which are:

Joomla 3.2.X – Joomla 3.6.X (only)

Apache with PHP 5.3.X - PHP 5.6.X (only)

MySQL 5.0 or above

cURL library (optional)

*Important Note: Joomla 3.6.X requires the latest version of CRMery or alternatively the updated router.php file in order to be compatible. Please read the 2.0.11 dev release notes / changelog for additional information.

Note: you may verify whether your website meets the requirements by logging into your Joomla Administration and navigating to System ... System Information. If your site does not meet the minimum requirements, please take steps to ensure that it does meet the minimum requirements before continuing with the steps below. If you need assistance with updating your website or PHP or MySQL, then please contact your server administrator OR your web hosting provider to assist you.

Note: Also, when using CRMery, please be sure you are using a modern / up to date web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11 or above

Note: For a migration FAQ for CRMery and Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.X, please refer to for reference.

Note: We also recommend checking the CRMery Issues & Bug List on our Extension Depot website to see if the issue is already a known issue before submitting a support ticket. To do so, please login to your Extension Depot account at then navigate to


2) Under your Joomla Administration ... System ... Directory Permissions please verify that your directories are writable. If directories are not writable, please take steps to ensure that they are.


3) Under your Joomla Administration ... System ... Global Configuration ... Site (tab) ... SEO Settings please verify that "Search Engine Friendly URLs" is Yes and "Use URL rewriting" is no.

Note: The reason Use URL rewriting is recommended to be turned off is that IF there is a problem with the htaccess file in terms of configuration than that can be a potential cause of some types of problems.


4) Please verify that you are using a default Joomla template when using CRMery

Note: To accomplish this, simply log into the Joomla Back-end / Admin ... navigate to Menus ... locate the CRMery menu item ... Edit the CRMery Menu item and change the Template Style to a Joomla default template (example: Protostar) If you do not see Protostar listed (depending on which version of Joomla), navigate to Extensions ... Extension Manager ... Manage. Search for Protostar to see if it's published. If it's not published, simply publish the template. If it's not listed it may not be installed or other issue.

Note: We do not provide out of the box support for third party templates. We only provide support for the Joomla defaults. That said, be sure that you are using a default Joomla template with CRMery by following the above directions. If you require additional assistance with template issues, you may contact your website developer for assistance.

Note: If you need assistance on how to create the Joomla menu link for CRMery, here's a quick guide on how to do so


5) Please verify that you have the latest version of CRMery installed. Even if it's already installed, please download and re-install it to ensure that it is installed correctly. Note: Starting with the Joomla 3.6 release (and if you do not have CRMery 2.0.11 July 19, 2016 or newer version of CRMery installed) you will encounter a blank white page and if error reporting is enabled on your site you will also see the following error message: "Fatal Error Cannot redeclare CrmeryBuildRoute”.

After downloading CRMery, to install or update CRMery, navigate to your Joomla Administration ... Extensions ... Extension Manager ... choose / select the .zip file that was downloaded above ... then click "Upload and Install". For a detailed guide on how to install CRMery, setup your users, configure CRMery etc you may refer to our Installation and Setup guide at


6) If you have any of the following third party items installed on your website such as: JSN, Rokbox (plugins are known to cause black / grey screens), K2 plugins, Artio Joomla SEF plugin, SH404SEF, SCLogin (also reported to cause a black / gray screen), virtuemart (reported to cause saving issues), Rocket Theme, Yootheme, Gantry , we recommend either disabling them or to install CRMery on its own sub domain / sub website such that it is free from interference.

Note: the above third party are known to interfere with CRMery and attempt to overwrite or stop CRMery from functioning properly.


7) If using any third party SEF plugins, then please disable all third party SEF and use the Joomla default SEF instead. Within your Extension Manager ... Plugins ... the default Joomla SEF plugin is identified as "system - sef". Please make sure any third party SEF are unpublished and that "system - sef" is published.

Note: The recommend Joomla Administration ... Global Configuration ... Site settings are:

Search Engine Friendly URLs: Yes

Use URL Rewriting: No

Add Suffix to URL: No

Unicode Aliases: No


8) Another common issue if seeing "unauthorized" errors on the CRMery front-end or not able to view certain data as an Executive user ... please note this is caused by the "Team Access" feature. This feature is still not fully developed and is known to cause issues if enabled especially for certain user types. That said if Team Access was enabled for any of your users, please log into your Joomla Administration ... Components ... CRMery ... Users. Please view / edit all CRMery users and ensure that the "Team Access" box is NOT checked. If the box is checked, please UNCHECK it ... then be sure to save the changes for each CRMery user affected.

Note: If you have not yet created your Joomla and CRMery users yet, here is a guide that will help you create them

Note: A description of the three CRMery user role types is copied below:

Executive users have the ability to view everything system-wide such as deals, people, companies etc. as well as all the notes and all other content on each of those pages. There are no restrictions on Executive users.

Managers have the ability to view deals, people or companies that have been assigned / shared with them and all other content on those pages such as notes etc OR that they "the manager user" has created ... as well as the deals, people, companies, content etc that anyone in their team has created

Basic Users can see deals, people, and companies, notes, content etc that have been assigned / shared with them or that they the basic user has created. Basic users can share deals, people, companies etc. with other basic users within the same team. They can also share with their manager user ... however this is not necessary as their manager user automatically sees all content they create.

Note: a Deal, Person, or Company can also be shared by the owner of the Deal, Person, or Company. All you have to do is navigate to a Deal, Person, or Company page and at the top right section / corner of the screen is an Edit button ... directly to the right of the Edit button is a Arrow button that is pointed down. Just click the Down arrow button .... enter the name of the person that you wish to share with and that is it. In addition, you also have the option of changing the ownership assignment of the record to a different CRMery user.

Note: companies also have a "Make Public" option on the Company's page ... to the right of the Edit button .. click the down arrow button and select "Make Public". When public the company record will be viewable by all whether Executive, Manager, or Basic user.


9) Note: if after following the above and if still having issues such as buttons not working when clicked, to modal's not loading, to ajax and jquery errors and more ... please also check that your web server isn't running rewrite rules elsewhere such as if using php-fpm on the server. If not encountering any of these issues and or if php-fpm rewrite rules are not configured or is not installed because you're using apache instead then you may skip to step 10 instead.


10) If after following all of the above (including trying to install CRMery on its own sub domain / sub website if necessary such that it is free from interference from third party Joomla components and templates that are known to interfere) and if still encountering issues with CRMery:

When testing issues with CRMery, please be sure that within your Joomla Administration ... Global Configuration .... Server (tab) , please configure Error Reporting to "Maximum". Note: After taking note of any error messages, etc. that occur, we recommend changing the Joomla Administration ... error reporting settings back to what they were before.

Note: When replying to your support ticket and reporting issues, please be sure to thoroughly describe the problem such as

A) what is the problem

B) where it is occurring

C) list / type a series of steps on how to recreate the problem)

D) include within your support ticket any error messages that you find and be sure to attach any screenshots or other information that would be helpful in viewing and identifying the issue including listing which type of CRMery user is encountering the problem (Ex: all types of CRMery user, or a specific type of CRMery user such as Executive, Manager, or Basic or combination thereof)


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