Company FAQs

How do I remove a company?

Any user (Executive, Manager, or Basic) may remove deals, people, and companies provided their CRMery user account settings within the Joomla Administration ... Components ... CRMery users ... are either configured as "Administrator" or has the "user is allowed to delete" checkbox checked.

CRMery users can remove a company by placing a checkmark to the left of a company name on the Company tab ... then when "Perform Actions" appears ... click "Perform Actions" and select the "Delete" option.

A warning message will popup verifying the deletion. Select "OK" to delete the company.

Please note when removing a company from CRMery, it does not delete the record from the database. So, when removing a company record from CRMery, please be sure that you wish to do so. Duplicate company records with the same name are not allowed within CRMery. Once a company is removed from CRMery you will either have to login to your database and re-publish the record to restore it (by changing the "published" column value from -1 to a value of 1) OR permanently delete the record by removing it from your website's database _crmery_companies database table.

Are company profiles restricted?

Company information is restricted in the same way that all other Deal and People data is restricted based on CRMery user roles.

Executive users have the ability to view everything system-wide such as deals, people, companies etc. as well as all the notes and all other content on each of those pages. There are no restrictions on Executive users.

Managers have the ability to view deals, people or companies that have been assigned / shared with them and all other content on those pages such as notes etc OR that they "the manager user" has created ... as well as the deals, people, companies, content etc that anyone in their team has created

Basic Users can see deals, people, and companies, notes, content etc that have been assigned / shared with them or that they the basic user has created. Basic users can share deals, people, companies etc. with other basic users within the same team. They can also share with their manager user ... however this is not necessary as their manager user automatically sees all content they create.

Note: a Deal, Person, or Company can also be shared by the owner of the Deal, Person, or Company. All you have to do is navigate to a Deal, Person, or Company page and at the top right section / corner of the screen is an Edit button ... directly to the right of the Edit button is a Arrow button that is pointed down. Just click the Down arrow button .... enter the name of the person that you wish to share with and that is it.

Companies also have a "Make Public" option on the Company's page ... to the right of the Edit button .. click the down arrow button and select "Make Public". When public the company record will be viewable by all users whether Executive, Manager, or Basic user.

The decision is up to you whether to keep a company record as private or public for your CRMery users. However, we will say that company information is public record and can be found with a quick web search. However, this does not mean that anything added to a company is available to view by all users. In fact, deals, people, tasks and events, and documents are still restricted by the user role, sharing settings etc. within CRMery. If a Company is public, only the company details are visible to all users.

Can a person record be linked as an owner of a Company?

Yes, you may label a person as an owner of a company.

The Company name field links a person to a specific company so when you view the company page you may see all associated people.


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