Configuration FAQs

How can I prevent users from deleting items?

you may change a users privileges by editing that user in the Joomla Administration ... Components ... CRMery ... Users (section). A user can only delete items if they they are an administrator, or if you give them direct access by checking the "User is allowed to delete" checkbox, or if you check both boxes.


How can I customize CRMery and what can I do if my 3rd party templates / css or plugins are causing problems with CRMery?

you may customize the look and feel of CRMery via standardized bootstrap templating and css. Note: Not all 3rd party templates are an out of a box solution. For best results, we recommend using a default Joomla template. ex: Atomic for Joomla 2.5, Protostar for Joomla 3.X

 Note: we can only offer support for our CRMery-branded plugins. We do not support 3rd party plugins, 3rd party templates etc. There are simply too many out there for us to support them all. We do our best to ensure that CRMery is easily extensible and developers can add their own code without headache, but we do not offer support for those plugins, templates etc. Any good website developer should be able to make the customizations.

 To use a default Joomla template with CRMery, we recommend setting the default template via the CRMery menu item. Example: Simply, login to the Joomla Back-end ... Menus ... locate the CRMery menu item ... Edit the CRMery Menu item and change the Template Style to Atomic or Protostar. This will avoid a lot of conflicts with 3rd party templates and css, but may not fix everything if you are also having problems due to other template css issues or problems with 3rd party plugins.

 If your website has many dozens if not hundreds of 3rd party plugins, and a few of them are causing interference with CRMery and you are not able to isolate the issue, it is recommended to install CRMery on a separate Joomla installation via a subdomain. example:  or


After logging in I'm redirected to a Joomla profile page, how can I login to CRMery directly?

A) Login to the Joomla Administrative back-end, then navigate to Extensions ... Module Manager .... Login Form (assuming you are using the login form module).

B) Within the Login Form settings, edit your Login Redirection to go to the CRMery menu item. If necessary, you may also edit the Logout Redirection as well.

C) Save & Close the Login Form settings

D) Navigate to Components ... CRMery ... Settings ... Authentication

E) Delete all text EXCEPT index.php such that only the index.php text remains

F) Save & Close

Note: The above steps forces CRMery to use the default login form for authentication. Combined with login redirection, it will bypass the Joomla profile edit page each and every time. Also, please note that the above directions apply only if one is using the default Joomla login module on their home page.


How do I create new teams ?

In order to create teams you must create a user or assign a user the role of "Manager." you may do this from the "Users" area in the Joomla Administration ... Components ... CRMery ... Users (section). After creating a manager you may then assign users to the new team by either editing each CRMery user and assigning them to each team one by one or by using the Team Manager to quickly add multiple users to a team .


How do I use Workflow Event Templates?

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What are Note Categories?

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How do I use Custom Fields?

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