Deal FAQs

What are deal stages?

Deal stages help you track the steps your deals take towards closure. CRMery comes with a default set of stages to help you track your deals. you may edit these stages by going to "Deal Stages" on the admin panel. The percentage of each stage represents how close a deal is to becoming closed.

you may create any deal status in the CRMery admin panel by going to "Deal Stages." Click "New" then select a name and color to represent your stage and save it. 


How can I assign or create a Task or Event ?

Tasks and Events can be created by going to profile pages for Deals, People, or Companies. When creating tasks and events from these pages they will be associated with the deal/person/company page you are on. you may also create tasks and events by viewing your Calendar and clicking on a day.


How do I change an actual close date?

The actual close date of a deal is determined when your deal enters a "Won" or "Lost" stage. Only administrators can modify this date by selecting "Modify date" from the "Actions" menu dropdown on a Deal profile page.


What is a Deal status ?

A deal status represents the stage your deal is currently in. Green indicates the deal is headed in a positive direction towards closure. Yellow represents caution. Red indicates there is a problem.


What is the Deal summary for ?

The deal summary is used to summarize the scope of your deal. This will show up on your Sales Pipeline report. Simply click on the deal summary text to edit the field.


How do I create a Deal?

Creating a deal is easy. Simply click on the "Create" quick menu then selecting Deal. you may also go to the Deals tab and select Add Deal. Fill out information on your Deal and click Save.


What are Deal Sources?

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How do I delete a Deal?

you may easily delete a Deal using the following steps:

Go to the profile page of the Deal you would like to delete by clicking it's name. Click on the Actions menu and select Delete.

A pop-up box will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete. Select "OK"

The deal will now be deleted.


How do I unarchive a Deal?

Filter your list of deals to display archived deals. Then after you've clicked on the deal simply select the unarchive button from the dropdown menu on the deal layout page.

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