Lead & Contact FAQs

Can I re-assign a person?

you may re-assign a lead or contact to a different user easily by selecting "Owner" from the person layout and then choosing a new user as owner.


How do I create a person?

Creating a person can be done in several places. you may create a person from any screen within CRMery by selecting the "Create" link in the top menu and then clicking on "Create New Person" or you may navigate to the People section and click on the "Add Person" button in the top right corner.


How do I delete a person?

Deleting a lead or person is handled the same way as deleting a company. Simply open the lead or contact that you wish to delete and select the "Delete" menu link from the Actions Button drop down.

Note: You are only able to delete a lead or person if your access role allows you to delete a person. This can be verified by an administrator in the admin panel of CRMery.


What is a Person Status?

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